How to Survive Night in Tokyo Without Accommodation

If you ever occur to locate your self caught in Tokyo and not using a lodging for the night time and certainly now no longer sufficient for a hotel, do not panic! Here is what you may do.

Firstly, if it occurs to be among April to October then you definitely are in luck. Especially if it’s far across the August summer time season period. The common temperature at night time in Tokyo can be above the mid 20s making napping outdoor a totally practical choice. Any different months outdoor that and you may must cope with snow and cruel bloodless climate mainly round Jan – Feb.

Japan is referred to as one of the nations with the bottom crime charge and napping outdoor isn’t always one of these awful choice in a pinch. The key is to locate regions which might be well-lit and close to different human beings. You will locate that trains stations and subways a great area to mattress down for a night time. It is well-lit, different doujin human beings can be napping and security / police guys are frequently very nearby. If you flinch on the concept of slumming it down at a teach station front you perhaps amused to found out that very frequently you may see Japanese enterprise guys who after a night time of ingesting with colleagues and lacking the remaining teach, slumped drunkenly asleep on teach station steps and bus shelters waiting for the primary morning trains! If you’re in Tokyo any teach station at the Yamanote line can be the most important and safest, mainly Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ueno and Ikebukkuro.

Once you’ve got got a pleasant area, you may need to scavenge for massive bits of cardboard to put at the floor as insulation. Cement flooring are tough and sap the warmth proper out of you, however a pleasant piece of cardboard makes a great insulator and whilst propped up may even deliver a piece of a wall appearing like a privateness screen. Just be cautious now no longer to scouse borrow from a legitimately homeless mans cardboard pile. Normally after 7pm maximum stores fold and unload their cardboard in the front of the store waiting for series the subsequent morning. You need to take a few strong corrugated cardboard if possible.

The first-rate area to sleep is on teach steps or everywhere as close to to the teach station front, as generally you can not input the station as it’s far locked after the remaining teach and could best reopen for the primary teach. Typically stations open 4:00-4:30am withinside the morning.

Baring a teach station, the subsequent logical choice is any 24hr speedy meals put off area. The first-rate and maximum ubiquitous being McDonald’s. You will locate that once 12am maximum McDonald’s have already got napping visitors and not like different western nations patrolling security / workforce will now no longer ask you to vacate the store. In reality you may purchase a 110en cheese burger and take a seat down internal and sleep all of the manner till 8am withinside the morning, in which Japanese workforce will kindly wake you up withinside the gentlest of way to remind you its morning. Customer provider at its first-rate!

If you occur to have cash, 2500en will purchase you generally 6hrs at any manga/net cafe with net get admission to and limitless gentle liquids or tea and a few even offer bathe services. If you’re fortunate you could also be capable of ee-e book rooms with a settee or tatami mat ground to sleep on.

If you’ve got got even extra cash pill motels will set you again any in which from 5000en upwards for a stay.