What to Expect From a Guide or Outfitter When Booking a Pay Book your Hunt

A lot of sportsmen make plans to go on a guided deer hunt with an outfitter. Deer hunting with a private guide at a hunting preserve can cost a lot of money so before you book a trip and take off, do your homework.

Hunting preserve operators are individuals that make a business out of arranging and hosting your deer hunt for you. Most hunting preserves will be made up of hundreds to thousands Book your Hunt of private acres of prime hunting land just for the outfitter’s clients… you in this case!

Along with having lots of private hunting land, outfitters should employ guides that have a lot of first-hand experience with hunting themselves. They should be very adept in using the different weapons for the various hunting seasons like archery, rifle, and muzzle loader. Being good with all hunting weapons book your hunt is just the beginning for a guide, they should also know weapons safety, survival training and have advanced woodsman ship skills.

Within the outfitters business model they often times provide different types of hunts for all different types of weapons. It the best practice to check with the outfitter you plan on hunting Book your Hunt with regarding your chosen weapon, some only allow certain types of weapons to be used on their preserves. If your plan is to gun hunt at the preserve you booked with, you want to make sure that the land is not designated as bow hunting only.

Most outfitters provide lodging or a camp house on or near the hunting grounds and provide transportation to and from the hunting locations, including guides to help you get to your tree stand or blind. The lodging is a nice perk considering you’ll likely be paying a lot more money to hunt on their preserve property then you would out on your own. Southern Hospitality is alive and well at many preserves throughout the South and the accommodations and treatment at these lodges is first class.

A great way to find great hunting preserves and outfitters is to pick up enthusiast magazines or search Google and their results for outfitters, guides and hunting preserves. Websites about deer hunting are great places to find and book your next trip with a preserve or outfitter.

Keep in mind that when you’re deciding if you want to go Book your Hunt on a paid hunt that nothing in life is guaranteed. Unpleasant weather that suddenly pops up can greatly affect the outfitter and his ability to get you in and out of the woods safely. Mother Nature may wreak havoc on the deer during the time you’re out there and you may not even see a single deer to take a shot at.

There are many situations that are far outside of anyone’s control, mentally prep yourself before the trip that you may come home empty handed. However, don’t let that discourage you from venturing out of your home state to hunt. It is called “hunting” deer not “shooting” deer and no Book your Hunt matter how much you pay, there are no guarantees that you will get your trophy buck. It’s just the nature of the sport. You will however make memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime.